Series of 3

I went on a special fishing trip with my mom, Jo-Ann, my dad, Tory, my brother, Chris, my cousins and grandparents. We took a picnic lunch with us: hot spicy pepperoni pizza, fresh lettuce and cucumber salad, a shiny apple with a crunchy bite.

After eating, I was so full that my stomach felt like it was going to explode. We walked towards the river to Beaver dam. The waterfall was strong, loud and powerful. When I put my hand in the water it froze the tips of my fingers. There were nice trees hovering over the river and the sun shined through the leaves. Overall, it was a very nice day, but perhaps, a little too hot for my liking.

Halloween Poem

Graveyard Dance

Tonight is the graveyard dance.

The clickety-clackety skeletons prance.

The witches stirred their cauldron,

As they giggled and jiggled their pots so golden.

The ghost’s sang and sang as they streaked through the sky,

while the goblins devoured the slimy, buzzing flies.

The vampire drank the sipping blood of his victim,

Snatched without worry from his powerful Kingdom.

Cats with glowing eyes admire the creeping graveyard,

Carefully observing the scene like watchful guards.

Hello world!

A Perfect Place

I walk. I prance.

I see a tree.

I dash. I jump.

I leap over a branch.

I climb a tree and play all day.

I mount. I thump.

Soar up the mountain.

I skip back and forth.

I zoom. I run.

I hop and lunge.

I finally find a place to read.